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The Parish Council is the tier of local government after the District Council (our District Councillor is William Heslop) and the County Council (our local County Councillor is Angus Thompson).  The Parish Council comprises five village residents who freely give their time to represent the interests of the village and work to improve quality of life and the local environment. They are advised and supported by the Parish Clerk.

About Us: Who We Are

Your Councillors

About Us: Who We Are
A portrait photo of Ian Moreton

Ian Moreton


Ian grew up in Kent, but has lived in the North East for more than twenty years, the last ten of these in Skeeby. The first thing that struck him was the sense of community as villagers prepared for the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations in 2012. Ian quickly got involved, helping to manage the village hall.

Having retired from his academic role at Durham University, Ian now enjoys his new role as ‘under gardener’, escaping occasionally to play golf. When the garden is less demanding, he is to be found tinkering in his workshop, indulging a lifelong love of woodwork.

The newest of the current Parish Councillors, Ian believes that there should be a balance between maintaining and conserving the village, and embracing changes that ensure Skeeby remains a desirable place for 21st century living. Ian was elected as Chairman in May 2022.

About Us: Who We Are

Rosslyn Dixon- Vice chairman

Keith Richardson

John Budden

John Frankland

Willian Heslop - District Councillor

Angus Thompson - County Councillor

About Us: Who We Are

Sam Perks

Parish Clerk

The Clerk is the sole employee of Skeeby Parish Council.

To contact the Clerk, please email: or telephone: 07969 454590

For information not available on our website or for those who do not have access to a computer, please telephone the Clerk on the above number.

About Us: Who We Are
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