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Skeeby Parish Council are responsible for the maintenance of a number of village assets. 

If you would like to report an issue you have encountered with any of these amenities, please contact us here.

Asset Register: Who We Are

Play Parks

Working with Streetscape Products and Services, and with grants from RDC, A1L2B, Awards for All and Tesco's 'Bags of Help' the Parish Council successfully replaced most of the old equipment in both the village play areas including the installation of a zip wire in the Linden Road park.  In June 2016, to coincide with the Queen's Jubilee the village celebrated the success of the project.  

The parish council continues to maintain the landscaping and equipment in both play parks, for which the annual Duck  Race is an important fundraiser. 

For further details, please refer to the Play Policy by clicking the link below.

Lots of people and children cutting a ribbon in a park.jpg
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Village Green

It is hard to imagine an England without its village greens.  In all their great variety, from cricket pitches to duck ponds to simple roadside green spaces, they provide space for everyone to enjoy their environment. Their importance is recognised, and they are protected by various laws.

Skeeby’s village green stretches through the village alongside the A6108.  The Parish Council maintains the green by ensuring it is mown, enhancing it with spring flower bulbs, and by reminding residents of statutes regarding its use. One of the most frequent reminders relates to vehicles on the green.  Such reminders are not because the councillors are just being awkward; they are simply fulfilling their responsibility to protect the village green.

Like many of the UK’s open spaces, Skeeby’s village green is not registered at the Land Registry, and your councillors are hoping to be able to complete that registration soon.

For more information about village greens and the laws protecting them, follow the link below to the Open Spaces Society.

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Community Public Access Defibrillator

Working with the Community Heartbeat Trust, in 2018 the Parish Council secured funding from the National Lottery Community Fund for the supply and installation of a Community Public Access Defibrillator (CPAD).

Our defibrillator is installed on the side of the village hall, along with an emergency phone which connects to the Ambulance Service at the touch of a button.  

The Parish Council is responsible for ensuring the defibrillator and rescue kit are checked weekly and that all components are maintained.  This management allows our defibrillator to be registered on the national database, used by the emergency services to locate nearby defibrillators.  

This equipment requires annual maintenance which is funded by events within the community.

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Village Car Park

The car park is located in front of the Travellers Rest. It is a public car park which is owned by the parish council.   The car park is part of the village green, but with special permission for vehicles.

Car Park.jpg
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Bus Shelter

The bus shelter on the village green is maintained by The Parish Council. During lockdown, it began to house a book exchange organised by villagers, and this has continued. Need something to read? Just pop up to the bus shelter!

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The Jubilee Clock

The Jubilee Clock was purchased and installed by the Parish Council to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, and is located on the side of the Village Hall. 

Following the various events held at the time some money was left over, the Parish Council did a letter drop in the village asking for suggestions about what to do with the left over money and the clock was the favoured option.

A picture of a black and gold clock_edited.jpg
Asset Register: Who We Are
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